Artistic Director – Geraldine Brophy

I am proud to be the Artistic Director of Lower Hutt’s first professional theatre company. For my entire adult working life I have been an actress, writer and producer of human stories. True and fictional. Throughout my career, I have been privileged to be part of the worldwide industry that makes plays and shows with the aim to entertain and enlighten. Their presentation is always intended to reflect our communities. It can do this like no other art form because theatre is the universal grandstand where we come to enjoy ourselves by watching ourselves.

Nextstage promises to ignite a passion for new ideas and diverse voices through skilled use
of the oldest storytelling tool in human history, the theatre. With it, we can communicate our
differences and our sameness. We can educate our elderly and learn from our young, forging
links with people of all ethnicities, age groups, and socioeconomic standing.

Nextstage is here and Lower Hutt is our home. We embody the principles of whanau and
extend a welcome to all visitors. We view culture and people’s expression of this as vital to the
city’s identity and its ability to proffer hospitality.

Nextstage is a small but select team of highly regarded professional theatre practitioners who
wish to contribute to a better civic future through their creative skills for all the people of the
Hutt and Wellington region. We are specialists in the business of manufacturing your fun!

Modern day arts delivery is Nextstage’s business and, with you, we can make a difference.

Your place as ‘our supporting act’ is warmly invited.