Desperate Huttwives

Nextstage Theatre presents Desperate HuttWives by Louise Proudfoot and directed by Geraldine Brophy

About the Show

Set in Upper Hutt, this brand new comedy written by local playwright, Louise Proudfoot throws us through a ranch slider and into a dizzying romp of neighborhood BBQs, extra marital affairs and unhealthy doses of Detonating Gonad-itis.

Seven Kiwi plumbers, hairdressers, mums, electricians, mechanics and beauty therapists, juggle  beer and bubbly with pottles of mussels, and plates of brie and crackers, as they confuse their fantasy lives with reality and ponder the up side of a K Mart in Petone…

Audience Reactions

About the Characters

Come join Lisa and Leo, Sharon and Shane, Chrissie and Caleb, and the single Roxie as they tear each other’s lives apart and try to reconstruct them, with nothing but soap operas and their base instincts to guide them.

Don’t miss this hilarious “over the fence” peek at suburban life in the Valley. Desperate HuttWives is a must for your Christmas function or a fun night out with your mates.