Mrs Merry’s Christmas Concert

Miss Holly Dawson’s class of 6 year olds knows that Christmas is all about “Giving Giveds….”

But with Miss Dawson unexpectedly absent on the night of their Christmas concert, Room 7’s most important Gift this year might just be the Gift of Belief.

A warm-hearted Christmas comedy starring Geraldine Brophy as the entire class…
With Paul Barrett and Jane Keller


Geraldine Brophy’s well-honed skills as a writer and actor gently compel us to consider where the fundamental values of Christmas sit in 21st century New Zealand. The smiles, chuckles and belly laughs Mrs Merry’s Christmas Concert engenders are invariably accompanied by other gut level responses, of recognition, concern and compassion. And in the end goodwill and celebration prevail.

John Smythe, Theatreview

With amazing observational skills, Brophy has picked up all the foibles and quirks of these children and built stories around each and their families that continually ring true.  Without going into the details of each, thus giving away the excitement of seeing the show, each naively describes what Christmas means to them within the hardships and trials and tribulations of their family life. They are all heart warming and real.

Ewen Coleman, Stuff