48 Hour Short Play Festival, held annually at the Little Theatre, Lower Hutt.

A yearly event that invites participants of all ages, to create a 12 minute short play based on a given subject.

The resulting work is performed at a first heat elimination on Sunday evening. This is a ticketed public performance before a panel of 3 judges.

The panel of judges select 5 entries to work at scheduled times during the following week onstage at The Little Theatre, with a team of professionals. These directors, designers, playwrights and technicians will extend the works up to 20 minute duration if required by shaping and polishing the plays. They will stage the  5 plays with lights and sound and props as necessary.

The final heat is performed for the public and judges again on the final Sunday and a winner and runner up selected. This is decided by the judging panel and audience vote. A trophy will be given to the winner for custody for one year. A prize for both winner and runner up will also be given.

  • To foster creative community engagement in the performance arts.
  • To promote the profile of Lower Hutt as an arts friendly city.
  • To offer the opportunity to young and old, those differently abled and people of different ethnicities a chance to speak with story to an audience.
  • To create new relationships of value in the community.