Nextstage Newsletter #1

Tena Koutou Whanau,

First of all, a very warm welcome to Nextstage.

Dear theatre lover, you are here and we are complete.

Our first newsletter after nearly three years of gestation, many adventures, setbacks and marvelous miracles.

As always, the power of people with passion has triumphed and continues to do so. You will see our small but highly effective team in our website section “About Us.”

We hope that by joining in with us you are able to add your passionate energy to the arts in New Zealand and particularly in the Hutt Valley.

PlayFest 2017

PlayFest, our short play competition, is open for entries and is a fun event that is dedicated to making more New Zealand plays materialise from voices that may never have thought they could be raised.

Click here to register.

Desperate Huttwives

Nextstage Christmas production is local playwright Louise Proudfoot’s award winning comedy ‘Desperate Huttwives‘ .This is the premiere of a new New Zealand work and features a cast of well-known actors.

Set in Upper Hutt and unashamedly rifling through the genre of modern farce with deft observations, it brings laughter and light relief to the Christmas season. It also marks new relationships for Nextstage with one of the Valley’s most prestigious sporting clubs, Hutt Old Boys Marist Rugby Club and a Wellington icon, The Hannah Playhouse for, two separate seasons. Perfect for your Christmas function!

The cast is Tess Jamieson-Karaha, Rachel Baker, Hannah McKie Doornebosch, Liz Kirkman, Jimmy Hotter, Alex Grieg and Jerome Chandrahasen. I will direct the work. Bookings are now open for this event.


romeojuliet@twilight is based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and adapted by Geraldine Brophy.

This production is scheduled for February/March 2018 at The Little Theatre in Lower Hutt, with only 4 performances. It brings this famous tale of young love full circle to an end of life passion that has tragic consequences. Juliet’s grandchildren fear losing their inheritance when the older couple fall in love and determine to be together in their last years. Twilight is the name of the retirement village they all reside in.

I have worked on an adaptation for some time because of my belief in the importance of older people’s stories in our modern world.

The areas of sex and love, elder abuse, Elder Law and Euthanasia, are significant to a major proportion of our society and this is a beautiful provocation for a conversation. I have commissioned an original score and my cast includes actors of standing in our art form.

Catherine Downes as Juliet, Steven Ray as Romeo, Hilary Norris as Nurse, KC Kelly as Mercutio, Edward Campbell as Gregory, Jimmy Hotter as Paris and Sabrina Martin as Lady Capulet.

Designed by Chris Reddington and sponsored by Summerset Group Limited, Nextstage is looking forward presenting this unforgettable event.

We need your support

That’s our lineup for now and news to date. We are always on the lookout for ushers and general volunteers to support us and wield the ever important talking stick, whatever that is for you, be it digital or real speak. Your help to get us out there to the theatre loving public is invaluable. We are actively seeking sponsors and subscribers and philanthropic spirits to lift us up and set us flying. If you are one of these yourself or know of someone who might be, please contact us .

If you’re a theatre patron you are still the most important supporter of all. Nextstage thanks you for the gift of your attendance.

Ka Kite Ano



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